Posted by: The Zinc Roofer | February 2, 2009

Grand Designs: Argyll House


I’m going to take a very different approach with this blog post, as it’s more of a personal thing. This house was design by Andy McAvoy, an Edinburgh based Architect who was given an open brief by his clients. And in my opinion went above and beyond the call of duty in response to this open brief, feeling a commitment and responsibility often not shared by people in his trade. 


He even gets dirty and helps put in the roof insulation and prepare the roof for it’s modern and I feel appropriate cover, a Zinc Roof. At this stage my personal love of Oak frame buildings is fairly evident. This particular build is very unique in that there are new techniques and materials designed and build exclusively for this project so that the modern materials such as reinforced concrete, structural steel, large spans of glass with the very old, very traditionally designed oak cruck frame. 

argyll-oak-frame-3-lg-gt_full_width_landscape1And as by now you can see that by showing the construction of the building I’m making another change from the usual crisp feel of the finished building. But there is a reason for it as I think it helps explain the end product more thoroughly then my words could as it shows the building very bare, very honest, and overall very successful. For me it’s the clever use of materials and the clients approach to the project. 


They were extremely willing to give their architect a very free hand in his design and completion the only thing dictated was the budget which was ultimately a major final factor for the couple who nearly had to sell in the end but it showed their comittment to see a real piece of architecture finished. I think you will agree, a fantastic build and more importantly it’s a home.









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