Posted by: The Zinc Roofer | March 8, 2009

RAUMATI BEACH HOUSE by Herriot + Melhuish: Architectur



Is it possible to create a truly modern, striking beach house, with stunning views, light, bright spaces and crafted details, yet still remain understated?


Yes it is.  The house on the beach at Raumati is discreetly folded between neighbours, a very simple form deceptively simply executed. Rooms are large but few, open but with complete privacy.  This house demonstrates that a home need not be huge to be made of luxuriously large spaces.


All the bach necessities are there: open family room, outdoor shower, fireplace, and direct beach access. Yet careful and robust construction ensures that this is no summer-only house.

All year living is not only practical, but offers the attractions of watching a storm strike the windows while the open fire blazes.


The clichés of the bach are of shabby decrepitude or vast new palaces of bling.  The house on the beach shows that there is a completely different and better way to live on the coast.




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