Posted by: The Zinc Roofer | June 2, 2009

Restoration of Cotswold Barn, Yiangou Architects. By Neil Quinn


For a little while now I’ve neglected my blog and left things go to seed a little. But I recently received a comment on my blog from the Architects behind this wonderful restoration, and in particular the Architect who delivered the project Neil Quinn. So I’ve decided to update it and bump it back up the top of my posts. There is also a large number of other excellent conversions, restorations and new build projects viewable on the Yiangou Architects website a new version of which will be launching shortly. Which I would strongly urge all of you to go take a look at.

Conversion and rebuild of a Cotswold Farmhouse. Retaining the traditional exterior and contemporary interiors. I must say I am in love with this building, it’s very strong language for a building but this is the sort of home I would design and build for myself. It is truly fantastic it caters for the type of home I would love to live in and I ultimately would have to do almost nothing to it to make it suitable for me. Despite that this is an old building which tend to be traditionally dark pokey and present difficulties in how to cut up the large spaces inside it is extremely light, crisp and very beautiful. I’ve decided to post in full size all of the pictures available on this.



753-4 As is often the case with restoration of old buildings the luxuries are often what suffer but from the pictures so far you can see that this isn’t always true and proves that it doesn’t need to be. Intelligent creative architecture can jump almost all boundaries.

753-5The integrity of this old building is maintained by the sensitive use and retention of the existing aspects of the building and their integration with the very new materials.













  1. a very very nice house. WOW!.. im sure this property has a very high value in the market.

  2. What a lovely restoration, sympathetic, and modern. We have a barn not too dis-simular and would love to know more about the architect, etc. We also would love to do a feature on this barn for the Interiors section of iN magazine.

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