About The Zinc Roof

This blog is the result of a lifelong passion for design and architecture. I want to bring you as much as possible in the latest in conceptual and practical design, as well as innovative and creative new materials as I come across them.

I have taken to announcing my blog posts on twitter now so if you want to follow me there please do it’s http://twitter.com/zincroof . So have a read, and leave me a comment to let me know if you enjoy it or if there’s anything you would like to contribute. If you would like to become a longterm author and contributor to the blog please let me know as I’m always happy to share!



  1. I have spent about an hour or more reading, looking and just browsing. A great site and worth the hour or so I spent, I have listed you on my own blog, just because your site is brill. Oh and thanks for listing me on your site.

  2. Great site
    I enjoyed browsing.


  3. Do you know where I could get some construction details on zinc roofs?


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